Backlash of the Hunter                                                                               Movie

The Rockford Files: Season 1                                                            

The Rockford Files: Season 2                                                            

The Rockford Files: Season 3                                                            

The Rockford Files: Season 4                                                            

The Rockford Files: Season 5                                                            

The Rockford Files: Season 6                                                            

I Still Love L.A.                                                                                             Movie

A Blessing in Disguise                                                                                Movie

If the Frame Fits                                                                                           Movie

Godfather Knows Best                                                                                Movie

Friends and Foul Play                                                                                 Movie

Punishment and Crime                                                                               Movie

Murder and Misdemeanors                                                                         Movie

If It Bleeds, It Leads                                                                                     Movie